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"In-Session" then asked me to do this again in Illinois for the Drew Peterson trial, an ex-cop who was convicted of murdering his third wife, Kathleen Savio (and misplaced a fourth, Stacey Peterson). I had come to really enjoy this articulating on air the atmosphere and mood of the courtroom. Also I had received many calls, texts and e-mails that I was really helping to bring it home. Many more folks than were expected, were traveling long distances, just to be there as well, the lines to get a seat, forming at 4 am, even on light witness days, rivaling any turn-out I have ever seen at even the most pivotal trials. It was my first taste of celebrity as my face was being connected with my words as well as my art, and people all across this country and as far away as the UK, were coming out of the woodwork to tell me how they loved what I did, and how I had enhanced their experience.

What has become really clear to me is that there are so many more people than I ever imagined, drawn into these stories, and they are hungry for the human touch. Courtroom process, by design, is coolly rational, so there is a practically crying need, to hear a responsible, and down to earth emotional read, on top of the also vitally important legal analysis, and strategists that already abound. It is a notion I believe deserves promotion. Continue >

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